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The Lamanator Plus system helps clean, seal, protect, and intensify the surface of today's laminate and hardwood floors. While there are many cleaning and sealing products on the market designed for carpets, vinyl flooring, hardwoods, and ceramic tile, we have yet to find any other products which are designed specifically for laminated flooring. In addition, many household cleaners are not effective on laminated flooring, and result in causing problems. These problems include water damage due to penetration into the joints, dulling, and streaking. Scratching and scuffing marks may still be left behind. The Lamanator Plus system is designed to eliminate these problems. It also extends the life of the floor, as well as improving the appearance.
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Lamanator Plus Fresh Start Flooring Cleaner Lamanator Plus Fresh Start Flooring Cleaner: Chemically prepares the surface of your flooring. Fresh Start flooring cleaner removes any dirt, oil, old cleaner build-up, or previous sealers. This product was formally called "Deep Scrub".
Lamanator Plus Flooring Restore Lamanator Plus Flooring Restore: Seals your flooring to protect it and extend the life of your floor. Flooring Restore can be used on laminate, hardwood, cork, vct, vinyl, and rubber floorings. Stops tracking, helps to hide minor scratches, and seal your flooring joints. The more coats of Lamanator Plus Flooring Restore you apply, the higher the gloss level.
Lamanator Plus Daily Floor Cleaner Lamanator Plus Daily Flooring Cleaner: A specially formulated cleaner, which is designed to eliminate surface residue while also preventing a cloudy film. This daily flooring cleaner helps keep your floors looking clean, shiny, and streak free. This product was formally called "Buff Dry Cleaner and Revitalizer".
Lamanator Plus flooring products are easy to apply and are sold in quart or gallon sized bottles.

Not sure how to clean and protect your flooring? Watch the Lamanator Plus Instructional Video. can ship Lamanator Plus flooring products directly to your doorstep, anywhere in the US.

Laminator Plus Treated Floor                 Lamanator Plus Treated Flooring

Lamanator Plus Treated Flooring Before And After
***Lamanator Plus is made in Canada.

Lamanator Plus Flooring Products are pet friendly